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Tradition Never Graduates

The Alpha Epsilon Chapter has flourished in recent years; we are excited to share our success stories as well as hear about yours. We would like to extend you a warm welcome to experience the renovated house and 70+ members.
Come visit us! We really mean it.
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We have officially passed 1,500 members and counting
Over 65,000 men have taken our Fraternity’s oath since 1864
6294 Banquet
Join us for our annual historic alumni banquet and connect with new and past members

Brotherhood Beyond Graduation

What a history! The members of the Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity deserve to be celebrated. We have been on the UNL campus for almost 100 years, starting in 1927. We've heavily renovated and maintained our historic plot on 1535 R Street and have initiated over 1,500 members.

You as an alumnus have the ability to become part of the alumni association, participate in alumni activities, and look after the interests of the chapter.

Alumni Association News & Events:

Calling all alumni! 

If you want to find out how to stay connected with the fraternity and undergraduate brothers, click here for our Facebook group.

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Brothers become members of the alumni association upon graduation and many volunteer their time, knowledge and resources to see that the bond between generations of members remains strong and that we stay connected after our undergraduate experience.

Contribute to Theta Xi:

Giving continuing support to Theta Xi in energy and resources is the greatest gift you as alumni can offer. Bridging the divide between the generations instills student members with an understanding of and pride in the spirit of Theta Xi.

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