Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Our Answers

Here are the most commonly asked questions and answers to those interested in joining our fraternity. Please contact us below if you have any further questions, we'll be happy to help.

If you are a parent/guardian helping your son in the process, please read our message to you.

What does the "rushing" process look like?

Put simply, rush is the process by which Greek organizations recruit new members. At the University of Nebraska, Theta Xi holds continuous recruitment, which means that we are always looking for outstanding gentlemen to join our chapter, compared to the traditional "rush" you find at other universities.

Whether you enter college intending to rush, whether you are just now learning what rushing entails, or whether you stand resolutely opposed to all things for which you believe fraternities stand for, there is nothing to lose by seeing what joining is all about, and in all likelihood, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our chapter is passionate about redefining fraternities to be focused on making the community a better place. This means that our fraternity is 100% hazing free and no-one has to participate in activities that they do not want to. Visit our recruitment page detailing the exact process for becoming a Theta Xi Fraternity member.

Being a “frat guy” is easy — but being a “fraternity man” is difficult and much more rewarding!

Will I be hazed?

No. Theta Xi is a strictly non-hazing organization. The Associate Member program does nothing that will compromise your morals, nor will it force you to do anything you aren't comfortable doing.

When you join Theta Xi, you will never be hazed, mistreated, forced to consume alcohol, perform meaningless tasks, or in any other way be treated as anything less than a Friend and Brother.

Theta Xi promotes leadership, team-building, and brotherhood, not physical or mental harm. We believe that hazing anyone is unacceptable and completely contrary to the concept of brotherhood. In fact, Theta Xi has joined with over 20 other men's and women's groups across America to establish a 24-hour a-day hotline to anonymously report concerns about hazing at any Theta Xi Chapter.  The hotline is toll-free and the number is 1-888-NOT-HAZE.

Do you have requirements to join?

Yes, including GPA, leadership examples, service beyond self, and more:

GPA: Prospective members at minimum, must have a high school or college GPA of 2.75 or greater to even be considered for membership. Our average chapter GPA is well above a 3.0 and the non-greek UNL average. We find it very realistic for each of our members to achieve that while enjoying everything else the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has to offer.

Leadership: Can you demonstrate evidence of your leadership abilities? This can be in the form of an club rank, profession, community service, National Honor Society, sports clubs, or anything else that you feel can demonstrate your ability to become one of the future leaders of our fraternity.

Will I have time to study, and will Theta Xi have an effect on grades?

Yes! And in a good way! At no time does the Associate Member period take precedence over academics; busy schedules are accommodated. Additionally, the Theta Xi Foundation offers a range of scholarships to the most outstanding undergraduate members at UNL and throughout the country.

We are dedicated to making sure all our brothers are hitting the academic benchmarks that we set. Theta Xi recently introduced the All True Men initiative that focuses on academic excellence and leadership, and we are one of a small handful of Theta Xi chapters to be awarded All True Men status by exemplifying these values.

We have dedicated scholarship chairmen that guide our members on the scholastic habits, studying formats, and more for college life. Additionally, our scholarship chairmen keep track of grades for each individual brother and continually ensures their academic success. These steps will help ensure that we will have a positive impact on your grades.

What kind of commitment are we talking about?

Like anything else worth doing, you only get out what you put in. Men that aren't willing to take responsibility for themselves as well as others will not be asked to join Theta Xi.

During the Associate Member period, the formal time commitment is no more than three hours a week; however, we expect that anyone interested in becoming a part of Theta Xi would demonstrate his interest by coming to our events or dropping by the chapter house to study, eat, or socialize with us.

Will a fraternity help me become a better man?

Theta Xi promotes a well-rounded lifestyle. We believe that if you take advantage of the programs that Theta Xi offers, you will become a better man as a result of membership in Theta Xi. The Fraternity strives to provide leadership training and opportunities within the chapter by promoting each brother’s active involvement in campus and community clubs and organizations.

Is there a financial obligation?

Yes. There is a financial obligation to be in Theta Xi. However, since we are entirely a student run organization, we try to keep the dues that we charge to a minimum. That way we can be as inclusive to all potential new members.

What are the member dues spent on?

Our operating budget is carefully prepared each year to provide the most amount of money possible toward scholarships, events and philanthropies that directly impact the brothers of the chapter. We have an elected alumni board that manages all finances in regards to the chapter and the house renovations.

How do you live in the chapter house?

One major appeal of Theta Xi at UNL is our historic central location on campus at 1535 R Street. Being that we are cheaper than the university housing market, especially for incoming Freshman, many members want to live in the chapter house.

You will have the chance as an incoming freshman and active member to live in the chapter house. We save spots for incoming freshman on a first serve basis. Depending upon when you join in the recruitment season, please make sure to discuss housing opportunities right away with our recruitment chairman.

Will my parents have opportunities to be involved in my fraternity experience?

Absolutely! The fraternity hosts events of its own for mom and dad in addition to family events that the university may host.

We strongly encourage parents to tour the house, come out for football games, and join in on various events throughout the school year.  During these events, your parents will get a chance to meet those who are involved with the fraternity, including undergraduate brothers, alumni, and chapter advisors.

Aren't I "buying" my friends by joining a fraternity?

You have probably heard that by joining a fraternity, you are simply buying your friends. But how does that differ from going to college, paying your tuition and housing, and becoming friends with the guys on your residence hall or apartment floor? A residence hall/apartment assignment gives you little choice in the matter. Wouldn’t you rather make your own decision?

Fraternities give you the ability to surround yourself with like-minded men with new perspectives who are driving towards similar goals. By joining Theta Xi at UNL, we will help you grow, mature, and ultimately have a more well-rounded college experience!

Who are Theta Xi’s as individuals?

Unique. The brothers come in equal proportions from all university fields of Engineering, Business, and the Arts and Sciences. Outside of the classroom, each of our members shares his strengths and talents with the brotherhood and in turn, benefits from the opportunity to learn from the expert knowledge of each of his brothers.

Regardless of what you want to do, there is a good chance someone here knows how to do it.


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