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Theta Xi Fraternity


To Lead. To Serve.

to lead. to serve.

Building a home away from home.

Situated in the heart of campus, you will find one of the oldest and most historic Theta Xi chapters, where we take pride in carrying on the legacy of the brothers before us.

We strive to lead scholastically, serve philanthropically and build bonds fraternally.

As a brother of Theta Xi Fraternity, you are surrounded by a community of dedicated young men who endeavor to hold you accountable and challenge you to become a better man.
Why we're different

Heart of Campus

As one of the most historic Theta Xi chapters, our fraternity has remained at the center of the University.

All True Men

The All True Men distinction is awarded for achieving a high level of service and leadership in our community.


Providing guidance to help lead a more wholesome mental, moral, physical, and scholastic life.

Giving Back

Out of all chapters nationally, we heavily dedicate volunteer efforts to Habitat for Humanity & National MS.
As an out of state student to the university, I am very grateful for joining Theta Xi. They provided a home away from home, a great group of friends, and ultimately helped provide me a strong foundation to maximize my potential as a young student and professional. 

Theta Xi Alumni

I have to admit that I was not very supportive of Greek Life as I remembered my days at Nebraska back in the 70’s. As my son explained the programs, the academic standards, and through meeting the other young men involved, I began to realize that things had changed since my college days. Today, I’m proud to see that since joining his grades have increased and so has his leadership within the University.

Parent of Theta Xi

Theta Xi gave me the opportunity to expand my viewpoints, learn about working together to grow something beyond just yourself and make long lasting personal and professional friendships that I still have to this day. It truly enriched my university experience.

Theta Xi Alumni

THETA XI process

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How does joining work?

Click the button below to let us know you're interested in learning more about Theta Xi and a member from our recruitment team will reach out! 
How it works

Meet the chapter

Our Rush Chair's responsibility is to introduce you to Theta Xi, our members, and our values. Our rush process is "informal" which means that you are free to join at any time during the year. If you contact one of the rush chairs and are looking to join, he will follow up with you and plan a time for you to come over to the house to take a guided tour and meet Theta Xi.

Joining the fraternity

Our goal throughout the rush process is to make sure that Theta Xi is the right fit for you. Once we are sure that the fit is good for the house and for you, we will extend a bid to join us as a new member.  

Associate to Active Member

As part of Theta Xi’s new member philosophy, the Theta xi was one of the first fraternities to eliminate the term “pledge” and replace it with the term “associate member.” We have an associate member program when you first join that ultimately leads to graduation into active member status through achieving academic and leadership benchmarks.

Become a lifelong alumni

Membership in Theta Xi Fraternity is a commitment that lasts beyond your associate member period and your undergraduate experience. Theta Xi is a life-time endeavor.
About Theta xi

Theta Xi Fraternity is a national leader in the educational and social development of its members. Our success and diversity have been celebrated by over 65,000 members since 1864.

To Incoming Students:

Congratulations on your admittance to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! We'd like to get to know you, and give you a chance to meet us.

To Parents and Guardians:

We'd like to show you the many opportunities that await your student as part of Theta Xi. We know the stereotype of college fraternities, and would like to show you how wrong that stereotype can be.

To Our Alumni:

Come visit us! We really mean it. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter has flourished in recent years; we are excited to share our success stories as well as hear about yours. We would like to extend you a warm welcome. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need more information.