Locally founded in 1927, we have over 1,500 members and counting
To lead a more wholesome mental, moral, physical, and scholastic life.
Supporting the University and Lincoln communities
Nationally recognized chapter for academics and community service
Our mission

College: a time for growing and self-discovery.

Theta Xi is not just a house--it is a home for the members that live there. Our brotherhood is at the core of who we are. We believe every person deserves the best support system they can get in order to flourish at being who they are and succeeding in what they do.
Supporting MS Society and Habitat for Humanity


Community service and philanthropy is essential to the character of Theta Xi. The motto that you find at the bottom of the crest of Theta Xi is Juncti Juvant, which means “United They Serve”.

Whether it is participating in sorority philanthropy, Lincoln events, or holding our projects for our national philanthropy, we are committed to an active involvement in the community, and to helping others. Pictured is our "Taxi Bash" Philanthropy.
About Theta xi


Theta Xi Fraternity is proud to celebrate being a part of the University of Nebraska Greek Community for close to 100 years. It has been our goal to shape and mold leaders for the future. Leadership development is shaped in part by the democratic nature of the fraternity.

The Purpose of Theta Xi is to provide a college home environment for its active members in which fellowship and alumni guidance lead to wholesome mental, moral, physical, and spiritual growth.

To that end Theta Xi actively supports and augments college and community efforts to make individual members more mature and chapter groups more useful units of society.
About Theta xi


As a member of Theta Xi, you can expect to have your quarters filled with tons of events to help you make relationships that will last a lifetime.

- Philanthropic initiatives
- Nebraska sports & events
- University events & homecoming
- Fraternity & sorority pairings
- Formals, dances, serenades
- Family & parents weekends (pictured)
- National conferences
- Class & chapter trips
- Intramurals

Every year, we also plan and host brotherhood trips, formals, and much more. By becoming a member of Theta Xi, your college experience will be incredibly fulfilling. Just ask any of us!


Academic success naturally plays a large role in the college experience, and consequently it should not be left out of fraternity life.

Nationally, a minimum set GPA must be achieved to be eligible for initiation and house membership.

1) Academic scholarships awarded
2) Above the all male GPA average
3) Scholarship committee ensuring success of all members

Chapter House & Investment

The chapter house seeks to provide the essentials and more for every one of our members, regardless of if you live in.

1) Quality meals catered daily, internet, study rooms, movie theater, rooftop deck, fire pit, washers/dryers, full service kitchen, and parking
2) The chapter house is cheaper than university housing
3) "Live-In" members dues includes food plan
4) "Live-out" members have a flat membership due per semester
5) We are a dry chapter house, backing UNL's dry campus policies

For specific pricing, payment plans, and what exactly our chapter dues go towards, please contact our leadership team.

Our Spin on Greek Life

Theta Xi shares some aspects with other fraternities on campus, but we are significantly unique and distinct in many ways.

We are not a "stereotypical" fraternity. When you join Theta Xi, no part of your member dues are spent on alcohol, you will never be mistreated, hazed, forced to consume substances, perform meaningless tasks, or in any other way be treated as anything less than a friend and member. However, you will be asked to lead committees, help plan community service, highly represent yourself and your fellow students to the University, and maybe even help direct the future of the chapter on the Executive Board!

Theta Xi provides you with leadership opportunities to enhance your personal development, and allows you to learn from other brothers who have faced the same challenges that you will encounter.

If you have any questions, please fill out this form for us to answer you directly, or take a look at the popular Q&A's below.

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As an out of state student to the university, I am very grateful for joining Theta Xi. They provided a home away from home, a great group of friends, and ultimately helped provide me a strong foundation to maximize my potential as a young student and professional. 

Theta Xi Alumni

I have to admit that I was not very supportive of Greek Life as I remembered my days at Nebraska back in the 70’s. As my son explained the programs, the academic standards, and through meeting the other young men involved, I began to realize that things had changed since my college days. Today, I’m proud to see that since joining his grades have increased and so has his leadership within the University.

Parent of Theta Xi

Theta Xi gave me the opportunity to expand my viewpoints, learn about working together to grow something beyond just yourself and make long lasting personal and professional friendships that I still have to this day. It truly enriched my university experience.

Theta Xi Alumni

THETA XI process