Why Theta Xi?

Heart of Campus
As one of the most historic Theta Xi chapters, our fraternity has remained at the center of the University.
All True Men
The All True Men distinction is awarded for achieving a high level of service and leadership in our community.
Providing guidance to help lead a more wholesome mental, moral, physical, and scholastic life.
Giving Back
Out of all chapters nationally, we heavily dedicate volunteer efforts to Habitat for Humanity & National MS.

Being a “frat guy” is easy — but being a “fraternity man” is difficult and much more rewarding!

As a brother of Theta Xi Fraternity, you are surrounded by a community of dedicated young men who endeavor to hold you accountable and challenge you to become a better man.

Through the day-to-day interactions and cooperation with brothers to our engagement with our active alumni base, our members gain a valuable network of individuals to call upon for guidance as they develop themselves to succeed in academia, industry, and life.

The simplest way to learn about what Theta Xi is and why it is a meaningful college experience is to of course hear it from the Brothers themselves. “This is why I chose Theta Xi” is a common phrase to hear around our house, so we asked our members to expand on this and put into words some of the reasons they love this fraternity.

Alex Rapp, AE 1461*

“Theta Xi is a unique opportunity to grow into adulthood, practice self-government, be surrounded by all talents and perspectives, and learn how to live well with others. Through it, I learned how to be a better leader, better student, better friend, and better man. Best of all, Theta Xi is a true brotherhood. During my years living in Theta Xi, I made friends with people I would have never met, and who I have continued to stay in contact with today. I can call or visit them and pick up exactly where we left off the last time we saw one another. It is a tradition that continues even after graduation."

Eli Soell, AE 1517*

“I chose Theta Xi because as an out of state student, I didn’t know a soul coming in to my freshman year at UNL. Joining Theta Xi allowed me to bond with my pledge class and receive the best guidance from older members whether it comes to school, activities, career etc. This house taught me leadership, community, government and overall responsibility. Your brotherhood in Theta Xi isn’t just a 2-4 year thing, it’s a lifetime of support and opportunity.”

Daniel Rasmussen, AE 1198*

“I wasn’t planning on joining a fraternity when I started UNL, but when I met someone who was already in the house, it seemed like I could do no wrong. I moved in a week later. I found something in Theta Xi that I have held close to my heart ever since leaving UNL when I graduated. I found friendship, brotherhood, and most of all, loyalty that still exists today. When I’m in Lincoln, I can stop by, introduce myself to the current members and be treated like one of the active members again and it’s really something I’m fond of and hold dear to my heart.”

Marlen Luff, AE 479**

A Theta Xi man is the best in the land!

Dylan Crone, AE 1473*

“I joined Theta Xi because of the instant connection I had with the guys in the house the first time I visited! Throughout my years in the house the brotherhood was something that never lapsed. It’s always present day in and day out and that’s what sets Theta Xi apart!.”

Bob Seibel, AE 1457*

“I love the lifestyle Theta Xi at Nebraska afforded me. Now that I’ve got a bit of perspective after graduation, I can see how unique that experience was. It was the values, life experiences, strong academic support, life-long friendships and an opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities for a century-old home that impacted me. Not to mention the extreme dollar value (even today it is cheaper than the dorms, including parking and meals). I always recommend Theta Xi to the young men I meet who are looking for a college experience that truly stands above both the dorms and traditional fraternities.”

Dallas Smetter, AE 1174*

"I had a friend from Abel Hall who showed me Theta Xi. I looked up to him and I wanted to be around bright, talented, fun, brilliant people. It all worked out, and all these years later I do know that it was the right decision."

Adam Olsen, AE 1354*

“Theta Xi provides an environment where its members can grow into the people that can provide a positive impact in any community they are involved in. The dynamic of our brotherhood allows our brothers to develop with no pressure to be any type of person other than themselves.”

*The Alpha Epsilon (AE) number denotes their earned member number upon joining the fraternity after graduating as an associate member starting from 0. AE 1000 means you are the 1000th member to join Theta Xi's Nebraska Chapter.

**(Related to AE 3, Earl T. Luff, who helped to supply build materials for the original house in 1927)

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As an out of state student to the university, I am very grateful for joining Theta Xi. They provided a home away from home, a great group of friends, and ultimately helped provide me a strong foundation to maximize my potential as a young student and professional. 

Theta Xi Alumni

I have to admit that I was not very supportive of Greek Life as I remembered my days at Nebraska back in the 70’s. As my son explained the programs, the academic standards, and through meeting the other young men involved, I began to realize that things had changed since my college days. Today, I’m proud to see that since joining his grades have increased and so has his leadership within the University.

Parent of Theta Xi

Theta Xi gave me the opportunity to expand my viewpoints, learn about working together to grow something beyond just yourself and make long lasting personal and professional friendships that I still have to this day. It truly enriched my university experience.

Theta Xi Alumni

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